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Rue Jules Bordet
7180 Seneffe


Certech is an applied chemistry contract research organization having three fields of activities:

  • Environment-air quality (odors and emissions, health and safety, energy)
  • Materials technology (polymers and composites, barrier materials, recycling)
  • Process intensification (continuous process, flow chemistry, catalytic pyrolysis and solvolysis)

Certech mission is to support small and large indus­trial companies, by offering services and contract research programs, product and process development capabilities.



Contact Person

is SME contact

Certech is ISO9001 certified, ISO17025 accredited, and has a direct access to a wide range of analytical tools and facilities allowing inorganic, organic syntheses and polymerization using continuous flow reactors and semi-pilot scale reactors, compounding and processing of bulk materials, suspensions and coatings, complete characterization of polymer materials, and gas sampling, chromatography and dynamic olfactometry analyses, diagnosis and remediation.



Certech assists companies in their development projects and fosters technological innovation. Concrete solutions, in-depth assistance and technical advice are provided by teams with recognised skills and knowledge. Semi-industrial and pilot equipment are also made available to industrial partners.

The Certech EMRA DEMO2FACTORY project for example aims to commission a platform for the characterization of volatile organic compounds and trace products generated by plastic and composite materials. The platform includes a field emission gun scanning electron microscope (FEG-SEM), high resolution gas chromatography mass spectrometry and thermal desorption units-chromatography-mass spectrometry. This project is funded by the ERDF to support the implementation of demonstration units for SMEs in Research Centers from Wallonia. This portfolio focuses on setting-up demonstration platforms in the field of materials technology in order to support Walloon SME’s in their developments to meet the current and future requirements.

Services offered by Certech include analytical, physico-chemical and sensorial measurements, problem-solving, reverse engineering, quality control, regulatory assessment, technological watch, patent evaluation, technological guidance, training. Contract research programs are carried out; aiming at developing innovative product and process up to pilot scale by exploiting sustainable chemistry and process intensification in order to meet future societal and industrial needs. More specifically, analytical services include odor and emission measurements from materials, identification of the chemical origin of an odor; polymer materials characterization: molecular weight distribution, mechanical and thermal properties, ageing.

Projects in materials development/improvement include recycling (mechanical & chemical), lightweight, materials for energy storage. Projects in process development/improvement are focused on process intensification, continuous process and catalysis.


Other activities
Odor and emissions remediation,
Process intensification, Continuous process,
Polymers and composites
Service for Industry and SMEs