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Centum Adeneo is the electronics innovation partner offering its know how and services to customers: design, development, production and manufacturing of embedded electronics systems in harsh environments such as aeronautics, space, defense, railways, medical, automotive, industry sectors with the relevant certifications. The company counts nearly 400 engineers and technicians in highly qualified skills mainly based in Europe (HQ in France, agency in Belgium) and India (Bangalore) and North America (Quebec, Canada).

Our skils are: Hardware, Software, e-CAD, e-Mechanics, power electronics, test tools, production, manufacturing, product lifecycle management and after-sales services. We offer our skills in consulting, fixed-price or Build To Spec depending on customers' demand.

Centum Adeneo is a French RTD performer with a dedicated label "SRC" (Structure de Recherche sous Contrat) from BPI France. More info on ASRC website: Centum Adeneo is active in innovation, externalizing its R&D for third parties, large or SME companies. Since the creation we have been involved in several European funded projects in various areas, in the electronics domain.

Centum Adeneo is an active member of ASRC ( and France Innovation so as clusters and competitiveness poles such as: Aerospace Cluster in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Aerospace Valley, GIFAS, Pôle Médée (Electrical Engineering Ecosystem), CARA European Cluster for Mobility Solutions & MOV'EO.

We are also a member also of the UN Global Compact.



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  • Systems: Research & Development of systems such as embedded computers, actuators, energy conversion & storage equipment, IoT...
  • Power electronics: Research & Development of power architectures and prototyping;
  • Electronics: Research & Development of analog & digital electronics, programmable components, CAD, electro-mechanic packaging, prototyping ;
  • Software: Research & Development of security real time software, low layer embedded OS, applicatives;
  • Digital twin;
  • Reliability: FMEA, accelerated tests, thermal simulation;
  • Operational safety: Security design DAL D to A level, DO254, DO178 for Aeronautics, EN50128, SIL4 for Railway, Medical, Defense…
  • Test tools

Applications: energy storage and conversion for the development of electrical transports or energy efficient vehicles (land-based, aeronautics, naval), embedded information systems and control and command for all markets (smart and security), signal processing for medical and defense markets (new applications), interconnection and fast electronics for transport and defense, digital simulation for test equipment and experimentations.

Centum Adeneo has several design centers: electronics, CAD, electromechanical engineering, software (embedded and desembedded), power electronics (handling energy storage and conversion) with associated labs.

We have the tools and equipment necessary for the smooth running of its projects:
- Power test means
- Testing and prototyping laboratories
- Simulation and design software
- CAD software
- In-house design software
- Data Servers
- Configuration management
- ERP design and development


Centum Adeneo offers "Services for Electronics".

CENTUM ADENEO's know-how is manifold:

  • Electronic design, development, prototyping, tests
  • Power electronics: design, development, prototyping and tests
  • Electronics: research and development in analogue and digital electronics, programmable components, prototyping, etc.
  • Software: research and development of secure real-time software, lower layers of embedded OSes, application software                  
  • Digital twin
  • Test benches and test facilities: studies, design, production and turnkey supply
  • Electromechanics: mechanical design, electrical wiring study, thermal studies
  • Reliability: FMECA, aggravated tests, thermal simulation, accelerated maturity, up-screening
  • Operational safety: aeronautical safety design DAL D to A, DO254, DO178,railw ay EN50128, SIL4, medical, defence...
  • Industrialisation and production control: research into technology and innovative manufacturing and assembly processes, control of manufacturability over time, miniaturisation.

The Electronic CAD centre includes 42 highly experienced technicians and Project Managers, working with the industrial software on the market (Cadence, Mentor, Zuken, Altium), library management for clients such as Thales, Safran, Airbus, Alstom, Sagem Com, etc., and the placement and routing of electronic CAD studies in the varied and demanding fields of aeronautics, railways, medicine and the automotive industry.

And it implements it for various applications:
- Conversion and storage of energy for the development of electric or electronic transport.
- energy-efficient (land, aeronautics, naval)
- Embedded information systems and control command all fields (intelligence and security)
- Signal processing in all areas
- Interconnection and fast electronics for transport and defence
- Numerical simulation for test facilities and experiments

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Company's social networks are available -LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook- where fresh news and activities are published.


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