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R&D Company in the field of organic chemistry. COC is offering services in the field of applied R&D, optimisation of organic products synthesis, up scaling of technological process from laboratory scale through glass pilot plant up to regular pilot plant. Company is able to do synthesis and purification of most organic process from grams up to 50 kilograms. Besides services connected with R&D and up scaling the possibility of small scale production is offered. This possibility is convenient to use for the early stage of commercialisation process before regular plant production.

COC offers standard R&D cooperation in the national as well international projects, mainly in the field of organic and printed electronics, alternative energy source, surface finishing and photoactive processes.

Centrum organické chemie s.r.o.

Centrum organické chemie s.r.o.

Contact Person
Lubomir Kubac
Executive Head

Company is equipped by standard laboratory apparatus for synthesis, purification and analytical characterisation (GC, HPLC, NMR, GC/MS, LC/MS). The instruments for ink formulation is necessary for our R&D activities – pearl milling, high pressure homogenisation, high speed mixing process. Ink formulation is evaluated in the thin layers by profilometer, UV/VIS characterisation, sheet resistance measuring and optical microscope.

The process of synthesis, purification and final dispersion treatment is possible to up scale in the glass pilot plant (apparatus from 15 up to 100 l) and regular pilot plant – apparatus up to 600 l. Pilot plant is adapted for process of organic solvents in the temperature scale from -15 up to +150 °C.


Company offer service in the all R&D process from TRL1 up to TRL7:

  • Research of organic materials and their modification for final application
  • Research and optimisation of synthetic process with view of its next transferring into industrial process
  • Characterisation of organic materials, their impurities and purification process suggestion
  • Up scaling of the synthetic process into glass pilot plant and regular pilot plant
  • Small scale production as the 1st stage of commercialisation
  • Cooperation with SME and industrial partners – verification and optimisation of new technological process in the field of organic chemistry
  • Arrangement of the new technological process for next transferring into industrial scale
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