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CTP is the only Accredited Research Centre (Centre de Recherche Agréé – CRA) in Belgium dedicated to the in Mineral Processing of materials. Benefiting from expertise built up over 20 years in this field, CTP offers a huge range of skills and analysis to companies exploring and developing natural mining deposits, and also to companies who transform and recycle industrial and urban post-consumer waste ("Urban Mining"). Its expertise not only covers the processing of these "deposits", but also encompass the production of materials with strong added value and a focus on upscaling. New "secondary" raw materials and/or new materials are created at CTP using these by-products.

The expertise of CTP lies in Research and Development work, Studies and Tests for our clients, Expert Consultancy (profiling of minerals, study of deposits, etc.) and finally laboratory-based Analyses and Profiling.

CTP's "pilot" platform (IMPRoVE) is unique in Belgium due to its size (> 5500 m2) and huge range of equipment. Combined with the "laboratory" grade equipment (concept of "upscaling"), it allows CTP to suggest a plant diagram to companies fairly quickly, along with estimates for CAPEX (investment expenditure) and OPEX (operating expenditure) for stand-alone operations.

Centre Terre et Pierre (CTP)

Centre Terre et Pierre (CTP)

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CTP has a wide range of equipment from laboratory scale (typically from 10g to 25 kg) to pilot scale (typically 200 k to 1t/h or /batch) used either for comminution (size reduction) or separation (on dry or wet material). Single step or integrated processes can be set up on demand for dedicated trials.

A Virtual Tour of our facilities is available with additional information on specific equipment when clicking on 'i' button.


CTP carries out its expertise and skills through various services tailored to the client's needs. Our multi-skilled engineers and technicians are at your service to meet your requirements to the fullest possible extent.

Through the Studies and Tests Service, we develop flowsheets or upscaling plans for your materials, validated through tests at laboratory and pilot scale. Our pragmatic approach enables us to develop economically viable solutions.

Our analytics service has a number of different laboratories available (mineral chemistry, microscopy, physical and materials profiling), along with cutting-edge equipment. We accept materials of mineral origin (minerals, slag, soil and sludge, dusts, etc.) and technological materials (plastics, composites, electronic waste, etc.) and even liquids (electrolysis baths, galvanising baths, etc.). We rise to the challenge of speed of execution and flawless analytical quality every single day.

Our exceptional pilot equipment enables us to meet the processing requirements of material ranging from hundreds of kilos up to several tonnes. Comminution, separation and thermal processing loops built in our facilities (> 5500 m²) can operate on batches or continuously, at capacities approaching a ton per hour.

Our various experts in mineral processing, extractive metallurgy, geology or chemistry of materials perform consultancy assignments on request to provide support for your projects. Our team operates internationally to audit, advise or provide support for plant start-ups and mining projects.

Typical services are: demonstration trials, proof of concept/laboratory testing and validation;pilot demonstration and production.

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