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Centre for Technology Transfers in Ceramics

Non-Profit Organisation

7 Rue Soyouz
87068 Limoges


The Centre for Technology Transfers in Ceramics (CTTC) is a non-profit association, labeled Center of Technological Resources (CRT) since 1997 by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation.

The expertise of the CTTC concerns ceramic materials, their manufacturing processes, and in particular ceramic additive manufacturing.

The CTTC achieves an annual turnover of 2 million euros, +50% of which is realized in the form of contractual research with industry. Among this private turnover, 50% is achieved with SMEs.

We offer R&D services, analysis and characterization, expertise, feasibility, prototyping, training, industrialization, pilot lines, pre-series, technology transfer and collaborative research services. We also have a FabLab for the general public.

On the one hand, on upstream projects we work in close collaboration with academic research laboratories, universities and engineering schools. On the other hand, on downstream projects, we work in collaboration with the economic world.
Our team of 20 people is made up of 90% technicians, engineers and doctors.

The CTTC is:
- Member of the board of directors of the French Ceramic Cluster, itself a member of cerame-unie
- Member of the board of directors of the French association of CRTs
- Stakeholder in the Digital Innovation Hub of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region
- Involved in the governance of various regional bodies (Research and Innovation, Energy Transition, etc.)

Centre for Technology Transfers in Ceramics

Centre for Technology Transfers in Ceramics

Contact Person
Laurence BOYER
Studies&Projects Department Manager
+33(0) 555 426 150
Olivier DURAND
+33(0) 555 426 150
is SME contact

CTTC owns 2 technological platforms and a characterization lab.

CERATECH Platform: the facilities of that platform cover all steps of the manufacturing chain: from the synthesis of the material, preparation of powders, their shaping, heat treatment, up to the final finishing step. From the laboratory scale to the semi-industrial scale, the platform's equipment meets the needs of R&D development, up to pre-series manufacturing.

ALTERINOV Platform: seven additive manufacturing technologies, a dozen of printers and ancillary means for material preparation, thermal treatment and product control. That platform is equiped with 3 layer-by-layer technologies (Laser Stereolithography, Binder Jettin, Robocasting) and 4 Direct Writing Technologies (InkJet Printing, Aerosol Jet Printing, Micro-dispensing, and Aerosol Deposition Method which is patented as INPACT Technology).

EXALYSES: the CTTC’s characterization lab (recently renamed EXALYSES) offers a range of characterisation tools, specific to powders and ceramics. It allows investigations and control of all steps of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to the finished product.


We offer various services, designed to meet our clients/partners needs :
- R&D services (most of our activities, 50% of our turnover)
- Characerization and analyses (15% of our turnover)
- Expertise
- Feasibility
- Prototyping and testing
- Training
- Industrialization
- Pilot lines
- Pre-series manufacturing
- Technology transfer
- Collaborative research
- FabLab for the general public.

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