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Centre of Intelligent Asset Management (CIAM), at Luleå University of Technology will promote and establish close collaboration between the university and external partners in business and the public sector.

CIAM's business model is based on four cornerstones

  • Cooperation & collaboration – CIAM provides a national and international platform for conducting research and development in intelligent asset management.
  • Research & innovation – CIAM conceptualizes, initiates and implements research and innovation projects and activities in the area of asset management. These projects bring research and industry together, and the benefits create added value and innovation.
  • Education – CIAM conceptualizes, initiates and conducts competence-enhancing activities such as academic courses and graduate programs in the field of Intelligent Asset Management and also offers members the opportunity for degree work and internships via the student at Luleå University of Technology.
  • Knowledge dissemination – CIAM conceptualizes, initiates and conducts activities and contributes to knowledge dissemination and provision of expertise through doctoral dissertations, scientific and popular science publications, workshops, conferences, congresses, webinars, etc.

Vision & Goal

Our vision is to make the European industry a world leader in developing products and services, focusing on sustainable asset management.

Our goal is to create a leading, competitive national and international and collaborative platform for research, development and innovation in intelligent asset management.


Centre of Intelligent Asset Management

Centre of Intelligent Asset Management

Contact Person
Ramin Karim
Professor of Industrial AI and eMaintenance

CIAM provides:

  • A digital platform for development of enhanced analytics based in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and digital technologies. The platform is designed based on a cloud/fog/edge architecture and micro-services.
  • Drones, robots, wearables, and smart sensors for field data acquistion
  • Various integrated LiDAR scanner for spatial data collection and processing
  • Skilled engineers and experienced research for development the future AI solutions



CIAM provides a number of services packaged in four portfolios, see CIAM - Centre of Intelligent Asset Management - Luleå University of Technology (

  • Development of roadmaps for AI and digitalisation
  • Concept development related to AI solution
  • Design and development of AI solutions
  • Development of demonstrators and PoC:s
  • Professional Education in asset management, AI, and digitalisation
  • Fundraising in research and innovation
  • "Hire-a-professor", which is an advisory service to industries and SME:s starting their AI journey 
Service for Industry and SMEs