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Advanced Technologies for Industry

Centre of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies

Research Center

Avenue Jean Mermoz 28
6041 Charleroi


As an applied research centre in the field of ICT, CETIC’s mission is to support economic development by transferring the results of the most innovative research in ICT to companies, particularly SMEs. CETIC helps companies integrate these technological breakthroughs into their products, processes and services, enabling them to innovate faster, save time and money and develop new markets. CETIC develops its expertise in key technologies, including Big Data, Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, software quality, and trust and security of IT systems. These innovations are applied in domains of primary importance to society, such as health, smart mobility, energy, advanced manufacturing and industry. This expertise is continuously supplemented through CETIC’s active involvement in European and regional projects. CETIC is located on the Aeropole of Charleroi, in the Walloon region, Belgium.

CETIC is accredited by the Walloon Region as Research Centre. The research decree defines the conditions and modalities for Walloon Research Centre accreditation. It states the Research Centre mission, which is to perform general industrial research that can be transferred to industry according to expressed needs and specificities. In particular, the decree mandates the Research Centre conducts collaborative industrial research that is general enough to be of interest to companies with similar requirements.

Centre of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies

Centre of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies

Contact Person
philippe MASSONET

is SME contact

CETIC has the following equipment in support of research and development activities:

  • private cloud (description in French only): CETIC has an IT infrastructure that can execute virtual machines linked to research activities and test multiple cloud management or storage technologies.
  • wireless laboratory (more details in French only): The wireless laboratory of CETIC provides access to several noteworthy equipment and tools dedicated to advanced development support of embedded systems. It is open to the enterprises for evaluation or specific tests; the ECS department can bring its expertise to assist enterprises if required.
  • software engineering laboratory: In software development, the use of appropriate tools improves productivity and competitiveness. Often, free tools are limited and proprietary tools are expensive and difficult to master. The SSE department has set up a software engineering lab at the service of the enterprises. This laboratory includes a complete set of advanced tools that are mastered and made available to enterprises.
  • demonstration space: the main floor of our new building is a demonstration space dedicated to collaboration with industry, especially innovative SME.



CETIC provides two broad categories of services:

  • Business services: proposed services include state of the arts, audits, advice and support, proof of concepts, knowledge transfer and escrow.
  • Research: this mainly involves setting up collaborative research projects with industry, academia and other research centers. Depending on the source of funding the TRL research activity ranges from 3 to 6.

Services cover the following expertise:

  • Model-Based Engineering

  • Model-Based Distributed Systems 

  • Data Engineering 

  • Data Analysis

  • Algorithmic and combinatorial Optimisation

  • Internet of Things

  • Embedded Architectures 

  • Digital co-creation

In the following Innovation domains:

  •  Cyberphysical systems
  •  Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligences
  • Edge Computing




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