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Center for Materials and Microsistems (CMM)

Upper organisation
Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK)
Research Center

Via Sommarive 18
38123 Trento TN


MEMS technology; IC technology; Micro and sensor technology; Optical radiation detectors; Microfluidic and bio-functionalized devices; Photonic materials and devices; Nanomaterials; Coating deposition; PV cells; Molecular diagnostics; Energy materials; Analytical characterization.

Center for Materials and Microsistems (CMM)

Center for Materials and Microsistems (CMM)

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6 inchs micofabbrication area: 700 sqm ISO 4-5, full CMOS pilot line, DRIE, wafer bonder electroplating bulk micromachining, ISO 9001 certificated
Testing area 200 sqm: electrical testing, optical testing, PV cells efficiency
Integration and packaging area 60 sqm: micro assembly , screen printing; bonding, pull and share test
PECVD deposition equipment; ALD deposition equipment;
Biology Laboratory 600 sqm: Molecular and cell biology area, Optical spectroscopy area, Microscopy areas, Sequencing facility, Electrophysiology area, Chemical and biochemical area
Analytical facility: Mass spectrometry; Spectroscopy; Microscopy.


Scientific & technological support - Study / initial design / Simulation - Proof of concept / Lab testing of basic experimental set-up- Material Characterization- Component/process development & testing – Prototype / demonstrator realization – Pilot line / demonstration line / preseries - Customized production – Biological testing - DNA-RNA deep sequencing (NGS) - Project elaboration support – In house courses

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