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CENmat is a vertically integrated electrolyser company with the mission to commercialise the most economical, efficient, durable and green electrolyser technology for economic and truly green hydrogen production. Our solutions: CENmat's HYScale water electrolysis technology and highly efficient and durable materials for the PEM electrolysers. 

HYScale: CENmat is envisaging entering the hydrogen production market with its 100kW ultra-low CAPEX, critical raw material free and highly efficient proprietary HYScale electrolyser by 2025. Due to the low CAPEX of 400€/kW the HYScale electrolyser will produce truly green hydrogen economically after only 1300 hours of operation and will be the future key technology to accelerate the broad deployment of green hydrogen. The 100kW HYScale will be the stepping stone to fast upscaling to 1MW and multi-MW systems serving the increasing demand for truly green and economic hydrogen.

Besides the HYScale electrolyser technology, CENmat is the only supplier worldwide for highly efficient and durable catalysts (OXYGN-A and OXYGN-M) for proton electrolyte membrane water electrolysers (PEMWE), enabling an iridium loading of as low as 0.2mg*cm-2 allowing to overcome the scale-up and stability issue of PEMWEs and lowering their CAPEX.



Contact Person
Schwan Hosseiny
is SME contact

- Equipment for the synthesis and characterisation of nanomaterials

- Electrochemical testing equipment for fuel cell, electrolyser, AEM, PEM and electrocatalyst research

- Coating equipment (screen coating, dry spraying, ink jet coating)




- Prototyping

- Research and Development

- Testing

- Design

- Consultation



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