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The Scientific and Technical partner offering support to companies in the field of Food Technologies, Biomass Valorization (Extraction), Materials and Environment.

CELABOR’s staff is constituted of a multidisciplinary team of some forty scientists (doctors, engineers, graduates and technicians) who mean to develop a lasting relationship with you based on trust.

Our main missions : • Encourage technological innovation and the development of new products or processes through research and development. • Meet the needs for analyses and tests through its high performing and responsive ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. • Help resolve problems and/or disputes (linked to the production process, failure of quality control, etc.) through the activity of consultancy and expert appraisal.

FOOD TECHNOLOGIES NUTRITION : characterisation of your products, in-depth analysis of nutrients or contaminants, full assistance with your research and development projects

EXTRACTION : unique technological platform in Wallonia boasting an ATEX zone, test hall constituted of extraction machinery, high performing laboratory and experienced multi-disciplinary team. Extraction processes with a “green” orientation, preparation of natural plant ingredients for the food supplements, cosmetics and phytotherapy markets, etc.

MATERIALS : a set of skills regarding the materials properties : quality control, expertise, characterization on paper, packaging and textiles. A technological platform focused on biobased materials (nano fibers, cellulosic fibers, paper recycling) and their applications on paper, packaging and textiles (functionalization etc.).

ENVIRONMENT : a set of skills in the specific fields of water and solid waste, and also technical and scientific support for the research and development of technologies and/or products.




Contact Person
Yves Houet
General Manager
is SME contact

Food Technologies

- Brewing kettle Braumeister (50l)

- Waterbath Distillery - pilot plant bonding system

- Food Universal Processing system (Roboqbo) : cooking, cooling, mixing, homogeneising, whipping, evaporation

- High Pressure Processing – industrial scale (Hiperbaric 135l)

Biomass Processing - Extraction

- 70 and 350 L Extraction Vessels 

- Lab and Pilot High Pressure Extraction (supercritical CO2 and subcritical H2O)

- Process intensification: Ultrasounds, Microwave, Pulsed Electric Fields)

- Extraction post-treatment at lab and pilot scale: S/L separation, membrane filtration, freeze- and spray- drying

- Purification: Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC), Flash and Prep-chromatography


- Characterization of produced materials: composition and structure (FTIR spectrometer, Infrared Microscope), Barrier properties (MOCON)

- Pilot-scale Ultra-fine friction “Supermasscolloider” (Masuko®, up to 100kg/h)

- High-Pressure Homogenizer HPH – GEA

- Thermo-Fisher Parallel twin-screws extruder

- CO2sc Reactor Berghof BR-300

- TSA – Tissue softness analyzer

Waste Water treatment

- Advanced oxydation pilot

- UV-C or UV-A treatment

- Ozone treatment

- Reverse osmose pilot

- Algae culture



- Testing and analyses

- Research and Development

- Expertise and technical advice

- Training

Service for Industry and SMEs