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Advanced Technologies for Industry
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Basque Research & Technology Alliance
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Paseo de Manuel Lardizabal, Nº 15
20018 Donostia - San Sebastián


Ceit is a non-profit research centre that was created by the University of Navarra in 1982. Our primary mission is to carry out applied industrial research projects under contract, working closely with our clients' R&D departments. Ceit promotes excellence in applied research by publishing non-confidential results, disseminating scientific and technical knowledge in a variety of venues, and training doctoral students within the framework of industrial research projects.

Ceit seeks regular collaboration with companies in a range of sectors (railway, aeronautical, automotive, health, manufacturing, energy and environment) and strives to understand all aspects of our clients' business in order to develop high value added solutions through applied investigation projects. In addition to offering innovative solutions to our clients, Ceit trains young researchers who are preparing to join the labour market and add value to the production system.

Our core mission is to serve the industrial sector carrying out projects of applied research and technological development. Ceit aims:

  • To maintain the highest standards in research.
  • To carry out continuous updates of its scientific and technical knowledge.
  • To commit to meeting client needs.
  • To respond to market challenges.
  • To reach the highest efficiency in treating and solving multidisciplinary and complex problems.



Contact Person
Iñaki Yarza
Corporate Development Manager
+34 943212800
is SME contact

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Ceit seeks regular collaboration with companies in a range of sectors (railway, aeronautical, automotive, environmental, energy, health&food, ICT and manufacturing), including SMEs. Please, find information related to our references, capabilities and services in the following links:

Service for Industry and SMEs