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CeADAR: Ireland's Centre for AI and Applied Data Analytics

Upper organisation
Research Center

Block 9/10 NexusUCD
Belfield Office Park
Dublin 4
Co. Dublin
D04 V2N9


The Centre for AI & Applied Data Analytics (CeADAR) is the national market-led technology centre for the research, development and deployment of AI & big data analytics technology and innovation, focusing on developing tools, techniques and technologies that enable people, organisations and industries to use AI & analytics for better decision making and competitive advantage.

The aim of CeADAR is to rapidly prototype and deliver AI & analytics technology and solutions to industry from an agenda that is solely defined by the needs of the market. The Centre’s primary outputs are prototypes, demonstrators and bespoke solutions co-developed with individual industry members.

The Centre is also one the the EU's 30 Digital Innovation Hubs in AI, an accredited i-Space from the BDVA. 

Along with NextGeneration in Dublin, the Centre set up the European Data Science and AI Awards (The DatScis) which showcases and celebrates the talent and success of individuals and companies in AI across the EU

CeADAR: Ireland's Centre for AI and Applied Data Analytics

CeADAR: Ireland's Centre for AI and Applied Data Analytics

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Executive Director
+353 87 333 9 777
is SME contact
Meabh Garrick
International Relationships
is SME contact

The CeADAR centre has a high bandwidth, high speed data centre to enable the real-time processing of very large quantities of fast streaming data of the sort that is experienced in large industrial process control and prediction applications. CeADAR maintains its own data centre as well as using web services from various providers. Recently the Centre was awarded national funding to acquire a supercomputer which will also be accessible to the nation ecosystem of SMEs and MNCs


The CeADAR Centre undertakes consultancy, contract research, participation in EU Horizon 2020 consortia, and develops up to 12 demonstrator projects per year in 2 cycles of 6 months each.

Each project is proposed by the industry members and is focused on close-to-market challenges.

The Centre has an extensive catalogue of technology demonstrators (>60), IP and AI/Machine Learning/Analytics technology reviews which are immediately available to members for evaluation.

Other activities
CeADAR delivers solutions right across all industry verticals
Service for Industry and SMEs