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17 rue des Martyrs
38054 Grenoble


R&D for biotechnology applications

The 5,500 sq. m nano-biotechnology platform deploys a full range of medical systems development know-how from sample surface preparation, biological analysis and substrate functionalization to packaging, microfluidics, microsystems, biological detection systems and component readers.


The platform’s R&D activities benefit scientific researchers, hospitals, and biomedical companies.


Its X-ray, gamma-ray, fluorescence, visible and lens-less imaging solutions ensure its unmatched performance in studying living organisms, tissues, cells and bacteria.


Its microsystems meet today's new needs for personalized medicine, nanomedicine and remote diagnostics. They can be implemented in vivo, embedded or implanted in medical devices.


The platform is located next to Clinatec and the Bioscience and Biotechnology Institute of Grenoble (BIG) and leverages BIG’s basic research. The platform files around 35 patents per year including for solutions developed under R&D contracts with some 30 industrial partners.

CEA Nano-Biotechnologies Infrastructure

CEA Nano-Biotechnologies Infrastructure

Contact Person
Marion Levy

is SME contact

25 pieces of major equipment: X-ray measurement chambers, screen-printing machines, stamping and machining equipment, etc.




- Scientific & technological
- Study / initial design / Simulation
- Proof of concept / Lab testing of basic experimental set-up/ Characterisation
- Component/ breadboard / process development & testing
- Prototyping (integrated system/ sub-system) development & testing
- Pilot line / demonstration line / preseries
- Product validation / certification

Service for Industry and SMEs