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The micro energy source platform concentrates at a single location all the resources needed to design power supply systems for smart cards, sensors, laptop computers and much more. The 1,000 sq. m platform is home to 30 items of equipment suitable for scaling up these technologies for industrial manufacturing.

The platform develops micro batteries and micro fuel cells with a sharp focus on enhancing materials to improve performance. It leverages technologies, such as thin-layer deposition for batteries, and investigates ways of improving fuel-cell catalyst and collector performance and lifespans.

CEA Micro Energy Sources

CEA Micro Energy Sources

Contact Person
Philippe Pantigny

is SME contact

The advanced equipment available at the platform includes a five-PVD chamber unit capable of depositing a series of thin layers. The platform can develop processes all the way to industrial scale-up. It operates with two major partners: STMicroelectronics for micro batteries measuring thicknesses of around 100 microns and Intelligent Energy for mobile electronic device fuel cell chargers.


Staff are involved in all aspects of micro energy source development, from basic materials studies to design of custom sources for specific applications. Feasibility studies, prototyping and small scale production are available for Micro batteries (from a few μWh to 100 mWh) and micro fuel cells (from 5 W to 100 W)

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