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The CEA Battery Infrastructure R&D focuses on lithium-ion battery development and small-run production, from materials synthesis through to integration. The goal is to develop end-to-end production systems for applications ranging from hearing aids to electric-powered buses, with the broader objectives of cutting costs, increasing battery life, and improving reliability.

The battery platform boasts all of the know-how and heavy equipment required to develop and produce small runs of lithium-ion batteries.

R&D at the platform starts with identifying and synthesizing materials to optimize battery performance, and encompasses manufacturing the various components (such as battery electrodes and electrolytes),assembling the battery packs, and integrating them into complete systems. Battery safety is assessed via a range of tests that include total destruction of the battery.

The platform's size and scope make it unique in Europe. With a strong commitment to industrial R&D partnerships, the platform works with around 30 manufacturers, including Renault, Prayon, Umicore, and Solvay (on battery materials).

CEA Battery Infrastructure

CEA Battery Infrastructure

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Simon Perraud

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The platform has around 20 pieces of heavy equipment, including coating and filling machines and a pre-industrial assembly line. The platform’s work focuses on lithium-ion batteries of all sizes, from tiny hearing-aid batteries weighing in at just a few grams to 300-kg electric-bus batteries.


Scientific & technological

Study / initial design / Simulation

Proof of concept / Lab testing of basic experimental set-up/ Characterisation

Component/ breadboard / process development & testing

Prototyping (integrated system/ sub-system) development & testing

Pilot line / demonstration line / pre-series

Product validation / certification

Service for Industry and SMEs