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CATMech-Advanced Center of Mechanical Technologies

Upper organisation
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Academic Institution

C/ Colom 7-11 08222 Terrassa Barcelona Spain
08222 Terrassa Barcelona


The CATMech is a reference center of research, development and innovation for scientific research, applied research and technology transfer activities in the areas of vibration, accoustics, structures and novel materials, fluid mechanics and microfluidics. The CATMech center provides solutions for the creation of new products, and optimization of the existing ones, in the areas of Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, microfluidics and Structural engineering. The CATMech is member of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), the Technology Center of UPC (CiT UPC), and member of the Catalonian Technology Center Network (TECNIO), from where the CATMech cooperates and leads multiple research and technology transfer activities.

CATMech-Advanced Center of Mechanical Technologies

CATMech-Advanced Center of Mechanical Technologies

Contact Person
Jasmina Casals-Terré

is SME contact

Microfluidics: Nanoparticle Synthesis and Characterization, Simulation, Assay Development, Assay Modification and System Integration, Microfluidics, Impedance Spectroscopy, Softlithography and Additive Manufacturing, Polymer Processing, Laser Micromachining.

Acoustics and Vibration: Intensity probe, semi anechoic chamber, sound level meters, sound calibrators, microphones, data acquisition systems, omnidirectional loudspeaker, impedance tube, accelerometers, force transducers, active hammer, roughness meter.

Materials and Structures: Universal electromechanical testing machines (10kN-300kN), oleohydraulic actuators and two pumping systems (50 kN, 100kN, 250kN - 300 kN), displacement sensors, load sensors, acceleration sensors, DAQ for extensometry and a wide of variety sensors, ultrasound NDT echo and phase array, modal analysis with impact hammer and DAQ, structural steel framework for prototype testing, two additive concrete printing machines.

Fluids: Installed 340 kW for fluid power and two compressors of 100 kW and 25kW for Pneumatics. Low speed open wind tunnel with a section of 500 mm and equipped with an external balance of 6 components, with smoke generators, wire probe anemometry and pressure and temperature acquisition system.  HPC cluster with 100 cores and 192 GB RAM for Computational Fluid Dynamics.



Design, Simulation, Proof of concept, Lab testing, Component and System Development, Process Development, Testing, Prototyping, Pilot and Production Scale Setups, Analytics, Process Control, Training


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