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CATIM - Portuguese Technological Center for the Metalworking Industry

Upper organisation
CATIM - Portuguese Technological Center for the Metalworking Industry
Non-Profit Organisation

Rua dos Plátanos, 197
4100-417 Porto


CATIM, the Technological Center for the Metalworking Industry is a non-profit private institution that resulted from the association of interests of industrial companies and their associates, as well as public bodies.

CATIM was created in 1986 and has more than 700 associates, mostly SMEs, supporting annually around 3500 companies.

Its founding partners are:

- AIMMAP - Association of Portuguese Metallurgical, Mechanical Engineering and Similar Industrial Companies;

- INETI - National Institute of Industrial Engineering and Technology;

- IAPMEI - Institute for Support to Small and Medium Enterprises.


CATIM’s mission is to contribute to the innovation and competitiveness of metalworking industries and related sectors.

Due to its sectorial vocation, CATIM has always been an essential element in the business modernization of metalworking industries and related sectors, providing services to companies and collaborating with public agencies and its several departments to perform relevant functions (once recognized as a Sectorial Standardization Body;, as well as in several industrial orientation programs or in partnership with several national and international entities, to improve the quality, safety, innovation, competitiveness, technological update and sustainability of the national industry.


Quality, Innovation, Environment and Safety are CATIM's focal points of intervention. Its action is guided by the following lines of action and objectives:

  • technical and technological support to industry;
  • promote innovation in industrial products and processes;
  • support/promote the specialized technical and technological training of industry;
  • organize, coordinate and disseminate technical information;
  • conduct and streamline R&D and demonstration projects, in collaboration with other entities;
  • collaborate in the realization of sectoral diagnoses, identifying priority actions.

In this context, CATIM invests permanently in the increase of the technical and scientific capacity, in the technological update (laboratories with continued investment), and in adapting to new trends, methodologies, approaches and cutting-edge technologies (innovation in the areas of environment, safety, standardization and quality), promoting the approach to the industry in order to perceive needs not covered by services available in the market, supporting it in key areas of development, promoting innovation in products and processes and increasing competitiveness.

As an entity with accredited laboratories (EN ISO17025, for tests and calibrations), ISO 9001 certified entity to support companies in the fields of Innovation, Quality, Safety and Environment, European Notified Body, and Sectorial Standardization Body with an active and continuous participation in the International Technical Commissions for Standardization related to many products manufactured by its members, it supports the export growth effort through internationally recognized services, often in emerging markets and taking into account technical barriers that, although based on European and international references, contain local specificities.


As a Technological Centre, is positioned in some profiles (Research/Institute and Innovation supplier) and can provide several “competences”. In order to transfer knowledge to companies in key areas, promoting the introduction or improvement of innovation processes, CATIM promotes a diverse set of projects (, either individually or in co-promotion with other entities in the scientific and technological system and companies, to facilitate the flow of knowledge between these entities and provide the business community with the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve a more competitive position in the market.

CATIM - Portuguese Technological Center for the Metalworking Industry

CATIM - Portuguese Technological Center for the Metalworking Industry

Contact Person
Nuno Araújo
General Manager
is SME contact

CATIM is based in Porto, with a built area of 5,049m², but also has facilities in Braga and Lisbon.

CATIM has a significant technological park, with equipment and technologies designed and acquired to support technically and technologically industrial-based companies, mainly in terms of carrying out tests, during the product development phase, as well as in the evaluation phase of the product's compliance with the regulations, which corresponds to a requirement to be observed when the company develops an internationalization strategy.

The Technological Center also invests in the development, study and promotion of good practices and innovative practices, acting as a catalyst for the transfer of technology and knowledge, and an engine of adaptation to emerging industrial paradigms. For this, it has 39 Laboratories that support and respond to the emerging needs of the industry (metrology tests, material tests, product tests, certification tests, geometric control, chemical tests, tomographic tests, etc.), 8 training rooms, with the objective of preparing professionals in the sector and keeping them updated in accordance with the new rules and procedures, as well as 1 specific space for R&D activities.

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