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Industry driven Shared Research Center, focusing on technology development for the production of functionalized biobased aromatics for performance materials, chemicals & coatings

Biorizon is anticipating the expected growing shortage of aromatics from the petrochemical industry and the widely shared ambition to green the chemical industry.

Our mission is to enable commercial production of bio-aromatics by 2025. In order to achieve this we adopt a multi-disciplinary approach that brings together the entire value chain: in R&D (institutions, universities), global leaders in supply of feedstocks (upstream), chemical conversion, equipment manufacturing (midstream), chemical industry, end-users and brand owners (down-stream). We connect with multi-nationals as well as SME companies.

Biorizon is a cross-border initiative between TNO, VITO, ECN and the Green Chemistry Campus and is part of Biobased Delta. Biorizon is located at the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, at the heart of industries between Antwerp and Rotterdam. 

Companies that join Biorizon get to participate in the Biorizon Community, Roadmap, and R&D activities.

Network membership:

  • Dutch Topsectors Chemistry and AgroFood.

  • Netherlands Energy Research Alliance.

  • Wageningen Research, KU Leuven, University Antwerpen, University Maastricht, Technical University Eindhoven, Hogeschool Avans, Chemelot InSciTe

  • Suschem & SuschemNL

  • Biobased Delta the Netherlands

  • Vangaurd initiative

  • BIG-C consortium



Contact Person
Monique Wekking

is SME contact

Shared Research Center Biorizon has state-of-the-art facilities at its disposal. The facilities can be found at the following locations:

  • Green Chemistry Campus - Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

  • TNO - Delft, The Netherlands

  • VITO - Mol, Flanders, Belgium

  • ECN - Petten, The Netherlands


Specifically the laboratories of the TNO Biorizon activities are situated in Delft and at the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom and offer capacity for the lab- and bench-scale process development.

Throughout the last years, TNO has invested in several pilot units at TRL 4/5 for the demonstration of individual process steps in the end-to-end process from biomass to aromatics: a biphasic reactor for the conversion of hemicellulose to furfural, a condensation reactor for the preparation of furfuryl-hydrazones, a Diels-Alder reactor  for production of the targeted bio-aromatic compounds.

In specific the following TNO equipment is available:

  • Bi-phasic reactor

  • Continuous flow Diels-Alder pilot unit

  • Condensation reactor

  • Crystallizers for DSP

  • Wash columns for purification

  • Full chemical analysis lab

  • Multi-purpose flow chemistry setup (Demobench)

  • Microwave reactor for small scale screening experiments

  • Theoretical assessment of feasibility of chemical pathways

  • Experimental validation of chemistry

  • Process modelling, design & development

  • Experimental validation of process technology (reaction & separation)

  • Scale-up studies at TRL 4-5

  • Consortium building & networking

  • Techno-economic viability assessments

  • Life Cycle Analysis


Types of interaction with Biorizon:

  1. Community participation: Exclusive discussion group, roadmap updates, high-level results and invitations to (inter)national events.
  2. Shared R&D program participation: Pre-competitive R&D within a collaborative program with a duration of 2-4 years.
  3. Sponsored R&D project: Pre-competitive linear development; small projects with predefined scope/time/budget.
  4. Commissioned R&D project: Exclusive bilateral project with pre-defined scope/time/budget.
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