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3 rue des vignes
78220 viroflay


ALCIOM is a consulting and design house company specialized in mixed signal electronics, with a strong expertise in wireless and antennas. ALCIOM help SME's and innovation services of large companies from feasibility studies to technology demonstrators (TRL3-8). ALCIOM is also a training center.

ALCIOM is very active in industrial applications of innovative wireless technologies. As recent examples we are currently working for the future wireless aircraft intercommunication standard (WAIC) with AIRBUS, on new wireless technologies for military projects, on smartmetering (Suez, GRDF), but also for a large number of innovative European SMEs : Lidar environmental sensors (Leosphere), video transmission devices (Livetools), heath-sector (Kapelse, Avidamo, Pixium vision), smart building (EJ), ...



Contact Person
Robert Lacoste
is SME contact

More than 100 high-end test equipments in our labs and fast prototyping cell, see link

  • Technological brainstorming

  • Contractual research (search for solutions for new problems, beyond the state of the art)

  • Preliminary studies (specifications, architecture study, numerical simulations, feasibility models if necessary)

  • Radio frequency & microwave design (antenna design and simulation, technological consulting, TX/RX chain architecture, microstrip filters and distributed components, custom amplifiers, system performance simulation)

  • Proof of concept design (selection of optimal parts, hardware design, mechanical pre-integration, low layers and drivers, communication protocols, signal processing algorithms, FPGA and DSP codes, microcontrollers, test applications)

  • Fast prototype assembly (supplies, assembly in our internal rapid prototyping cell or via an industrial partner, mechanical and plastics in 3D printing, antenna prototyping)
  • Validation and optimization (formal test plans, development of characterization and test tools, measurement and optimization of antennas, functional validation in our laboratories, CE pre-certification, certification assistance)

  • Project management (delegated to ALCIOM or taken over by our client, project management assistance, technical and methodological support, acceptance assistance)

Other activities
Microwaves, antenna design and optimization for embedded industrial devices, signal acquisition, high performance signal processing, high speed electronics (optronics, lidars, radars)
Service for Industry and SMEs