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AITEX is a private non-profit making association created in 1985 thanks to an initiative of the local industry and the Generalitat Valenciana (Regional government) through the Valencia Enterprises Competitiveness Institute (IVACE, Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial), as an institution that has a common infrastructure for making possible its efforts in themes such as innovation, training, development and applied research. Its ultimate aim is to make this sector more competitive. To achieve this, the Institute promotes modernization actions and the introduction of new and emerging technologies and, in general, any initiatives that will contribute to the industrial progress of the sector.

The work carried out by the Institute is closely linked to the sector’s industries, either through the advanced technical services offered by the Institute (consultancy, market, certification, quality control, training, etc.), the confidential research projects developed at the request of different companies or the projects financed by public funding, in which case the results benefit the sector as a whole. 

AITEX - Textile Technological Institute

AITEX - Textile Technological Institute

Contact Person
Rosa López
Head of International Porjects Department
+34 96 554 22 00
is SME contact

Laboratories: Chemical  , Physics, Microbiology , Wastewater laboratory, Artificial grass , Agrotextile , biomaterials, biomedicine, health, comfort transpirability and isolation, acoustics, wind tunnel, sensors, electrical conductivity, developments and prototypes, ballistics, sharp weapons, fire, wastewater and environment, sport surface, automotive and public transport, filtering,  nanotechnology, materials, Personal protective equipment, fire Experimental plants: wet laid technology, compounding,, injection moulding, compression moulding, Vacuum infusion process, Low and atmospheric plasma, multifilament and monofilament extrusion plants (for nanoadditivation in fibers), electropinning (nanofibers), laminating, coating, twisting, texturising, crimping, twinsting&covering, stapling fibre, thermal imaging, climate simulator, Softness and feel plant, electric arching, thermotex, NBC, mechanical risks, electrostatics, tertiary treatment palt, recylcing and reusing wastewater plant, RFID , center for textile retail, artificial vision, industrial production system adapted to user, prototypes development, 3Dbody scanner, micro/nanoencapsulation equipment, 3D printing

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