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TNO (NL) and Royal Netherlands Air Force
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Kampweg 3-5
3769ZG Soesterberg


In Soesterberg-NL a unique ecosystem is found that enables state-of-the-art research and innovation on human performance under extreme conditions in (military) aerospace. It combines world-class facilities, an experienced group of multidisciplinary experts, a clear scientific yet also practical vision on Human Performance, a substantial number of active research programs and a network of industry, R&D and end-user organizations (Air Forces).

The innovation services provided to industry and SMEs include carrying out shares research programmes in consortia, and supporting product development of industry by applying knowledge and offering facilities as test & development environments, providing end-user feedback to industry

The purpose of Aeolus is to improve human performance under extreme (a-typical) physical conditions. Human performance is scoped as the performance of humans as such as well as the performance of humans in interaction with their environment (e.g. fighter, helicopter, helmet). Aeolus focuses initially on the domain of (military) aerospace and the operational effectiveness of (military) pilots and aircrew.

The mission of Aeolus on the purpose given above is to

  1. accelerate the innovation cycle through increased cooperation: more and faster access of end-users to innovative products and services;

  2. enlarge economic activities: larger turnover of research programmes, creation of jobs in the Soesterberg region and stimulate involvement (and creation) of start-ups and SMEs;

  3. increase the knowledge position and quality of facilities: internationally recognized top-3 innovation platform and the place of choice for human performance research and innovation.

AEOLUS Human Performance Innovation

AEOLUS Human Performance Innovation

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A unique combination of facilities (equipment) is present in Soesterberg (NL), ranging from a human centrifuge, two hypobaric chambers, Night Vision experiment & training environments, the world-unique 6-dof disorientation simulator DESDEMONA, an advanced spatial disorientation simulator ASD, the Collaborative Training & CD&E Test centre, two climatic chambers, a 3D rotation chair, a low-cost flight simulation environment, a Wearable Technology lab, and an instrumented audio hall. A dunker pool facility is located on 1 hour drive, and is anticipated to be located in Soesterberg in the near future.


Aeolus programs are based on scientific and applied research and take everything a human operator needs for optimum performance in real and virtual environments as the starting point. It strives to take human factors research to the next level.

Aeolus supports development and supply of innovative training environments, prototyping of new products, design, development and testing of pilot flight equipment for example. Aeolus focuses on

1. Wearable Technology & Systems

2. Operation Oriented Simulation

3. (Sub) Orbital Space


Aeolus campus is adjacent to both founding institutes and provides access to unique research facilities and world class scientists.

Other activities
Wearable Technology & Systems
Operation Oriented Simulation
Service for Industry and SMEs