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Industrial Biotechnology or white biotechnology is the application of biotechnology for the industrial processing and production of chemicals, materials and fuels. It includes the practice of using microorganisms or components of micro-organisms like enzymes to generate industrially useful products in a more efficient way (e.g. less energy use, or less by-products), or generate substances and chemical building blocks with specific capabilities that conventional petrochemical processes cannot provide.

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Boosting the bio-based products market through standardization

The biobased market is constantly evolving and biobased products are considered to be part of the solution in combatting climate change. Companies and research laboratories develop new materials and continue to experiment with its application.

Bio-based flavours and fragrances

While biotech flavours and fragrances (F&F) represent a niche, they may yet constitute an interesting example for an entry point to commercialise products based on synthetic biology, which is considered as a promising technology for bio-based products.