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Cloud computing includes the delivery of tools and applications like data storage, servers, databases and software based on a network of remote servers through the Internet. Cloud computing services enable users to store files and applications in a virtual place or the cloud and access all the data via the Internet. Public cloud services are available on public networks and open to a largely unrestricted universe of potential users, designed for a market, not a single enterprise.

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Industry 4.0 inspires a new perception of tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought tourism to a stop. To stay relevant and support the tourism industry, stakeholders involved in the sector are exploring options around Industry 4.0, including automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

Creating sustainable data centres

Minimising the energy consumption of data servers without reducing their performance is an ideal combination, which requires a vast amount of innovation before it is obtainable.

Technology Focus on Cloud Computing

Public cloud computing is evolving from a generic way to access additional computing power to a hybrid computing environment realising the everything-as-a-service provisioning concept, including applications.