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Big Data is a term describing the continuous increase in data, and the technologies needed to collect, store, manage, and analyse it. It is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon, impacting people, processes and technology. From a technology point of view, Big Data encompasses hardware and software that integrate, organise, manage, analyse, and present data which is characterised by "four Vs": volume (size of the data sets), velocity (high speed of data processing), variety (different types and sources of data used), and veracity (high quality of analysed data).

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ATI Talks session: Data Sharing

Interested in learning more about the potential of data sharing for industry and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Europe and beyond?

EU Datathon 2021 finalists

The EU Datathon team has announced the 9 finalist teams for the EU Datathon 2021. The finalists were selected from 247 applications spanning 47 countries in Europe and beyond. The finalists are divided between the three challenges:

Challenge 1: A European Deal

Technology Focus on Data sharing

This report focuses on the evolution of data sharing as the advanced technology fostering the digital transformation of Europe.