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JYVSECTEC - Jyväskylä Security Technology
28 April 2021

JYVSECTEC – Jyväskylä Security Technology is JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Information Technology based research, development and training center focused for Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. JYVSECTEC offers services by using Finland’s national Cyber

62.2415535, 25.7592533

Vilnius University
26 March 2021

Vilnius University is open for collaborative research, contract research or any cooperation activities with business partners, including SMEs. Over 160 teams of researchers in various scientific fields – life sciences, physics and chemistry, information technologies, social sciences and humanities

54.682845124763, 25.286790166751

KTU National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre
26 March 2021

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is a leading wide-ranging University, one of the leaders in research and experimental development and innovation (R&D&I) projects in Lithuania. Offering a wide range of technology-related studies and research is well-known for maintaining enduring relationships

54.884171924589, 23.934090868971

National R&D Institute for Non-ferrous and Rare Metals - IMNR
12 March 2021

IMNR, established over 50 years ago, is a national R&D institute active in the field of materials science and engineering based on non-ferrous and rare metals (alloys, composites, hybrids) and applied inorganic chemistry, aiming to further research for the efficient use of resources and critical

44.452331922952, 26.245902839784

Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research Rudolstadt e.V. (TITK)
26 March 2021

The Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research Rudolstadt e.V. (TITK) is one of the leading private material research institutes in the field of polymer functional and construction materials. As an industry-oriented institution with a modern technology park, TITK develops innovative

50.701158, 11.3299331