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Advanced Technologies for Industry

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The Technology Watch explores the futuristic, upcoming technologies that are on the horizon of technology development today and that are characterised by high speed of evolution and a significative disruptive potential. Advanced Technology Watch is addressed to policy-makers, enterprises (large and SMEs) and business intermediaries. It allows them to better assess the maturity of technologies, the potential market applications and the technical adaptation required to bring advanced technologies to the market.

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Industrial recovery and technology policy

This report focuses on a review and analysis of recent policy actions across EU Member States that address the industrial recovery through research, technology and innovation. The report begins by identifying the main drivers of industrial transformation before and after Covid-19.

Collaborative robots, human-AI systems and the role for policy

This report focuses on analysing the consequences of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics-based automation on industry and work, the related human-machine systems and human-computer interaction, and the need for policy to support a positive transition and mitigate the potential risks. Automa

Capturing technology adoption via Twitter

The objective of this analysis is to investigate how social media analytics and in particular Twitter data can be used by policymakers to support them in terms of policy intelligence, problem identification and monitoring.

Looking Beyond the Horizon

This Advanced Technology Watch encompasses the whole spectrum of advanced technologies that are a priority for European industry policy. These technologies enable process, product and service innovation throughout the economy, thus fostering industrial modernisation.