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This report focuses on the evolution of data sharing as the advanced technology fostering the digital transformation of Europe. Data sharing is vital for companies in general, and SMEs in particular, to reap the benefits that data offers and is a key asset for the EU’s ambitions to become a role model for a data-driven society, to create a single market for data and to facilitate common European data spaces.

Data is an essential resource for economic growth and societal progress, and for this reason, it is the backbone of the European Commission's digital strategy. As the amount of data is forecasted to grow exponentially in the coming years, opportunities for businesses and innovative technologies will continue to evolve.

The true potential of data however can only be unlocked when it is shared outside of traditional data silos. In light of this, the European Commission aims to ensure that data is both accessible and re-usable so that it can continue to drive key areas of innovation such as health, smart energy, digital retail and future mobility.

Taking a wider look at society, there are numerous examples of data sharing supporting humanitarian services, improving health care, contributing to more sustainable energy consumption and ensuring biodiversity. To make this possible though, European legislation regarding the data sharing practice is vital and serves as a guide for businesses and citizens to know where the boundaries and opportunities lie. Creating value from data – at the different stages of the data value chain – represents the cornerstone of the data economy vision envisaged by the European Commission.

Looking at the global market for data sharing and applications, Europe is yet to position itself as a global player in the field. In this regard, the Commission undertakes efforts to further strengthen all links of the data value chain, ensuring that the European Data value ecosystem can evolve and thrive in Europe.

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