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Advanced Technologies for Industry

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The Technology Watch explores the futuristic, upcoming technologies that are on the horizon of technology development today and that are characterised by high speed of evolution and a significative disruptive potential. Advanced Technology Watch is addressed to policy-makers, enterprises (large and SMEs) and business intermediaries. It allows them to better assess the maturity of technologies, the potential market applications and the technical adaptation required to bring advanced technologies to the market.

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Looking Beyond the Horizon

This Advanced Technology Watch encompasses the whole spectrum of advanced technologies that are a priority for European industry policy. These technologies enable process, product and service innovation throughout the economy, thus fostering industrial modernisation.

Technology Focus on Data sharing

This report focuses on the evolution of data sharing as the advanced technology fostering the digital transformation of Europe.

Technology Focus on Blockchain

As part of a series of analytical reports on advanced technologies’ trends, this report focuses on Blockchain as one of the key technologies that are currently bringing about impactful changes in Europe’s banking and finance sectors, as well as in other European industries.

Technology Focus on IoT

Advanced Technologies lie at the very heart of Europe’s ongoing process of digital transformation.

Technology Focus on Cloud Computing

Public cloud computing is evolving from a generic way to access additional computing power to a hybrid computing environment realising the everything-as-a-service provisioning concept, including applications.

Technology Focus on Artificial Intelligence

This Technology Watch report has a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) as one the most significant technologies that are currently shaping the whole process of digital transformation and industrial modernisation in Europe and Worldwide.

Industry 4.0 in Agriculture - Focus on IoT aspects

The development of the connectivity of agricultural tools is leading to important progress in agricultural practices. They enable the development of precision agriculture and increase the transparency of the industry.

Biometrics technologies - a key enabler for future digital services

Biometric technologies refer to all processes used to recognize, authenticate and identify persons based on physical and/or behavioral characteristics.The global biometrics market is growing at a fast pace, initially due to the need to combat the rising security challenges.