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Technological trends in the textiles industry

This Sectoral Watch on the Technical trends in the textiles industry analyses trends in the generation and uptake of advanced technologies, related entrepreneurial activities and skills needs in the textiles sector. It interprets data from a list of data sources compiled to monitor advanced technologies and their applications in industry across Europe and key competitor economies.

The relevance of these specific technologies in the textile industry has been explored through patent analysis and data on private equity investments, skills and technology uptake. The full methodology behind the data calculations is available here.

This report includes:
• A description of the industrial context.
• Analyses of  technological trends in advanced technologies applied in the textile industry based on patents and text-mining of company websites.
• Findings about private equity investment and startup/spinoff activity.
• The supply and demand of skills related to advanced technologies in the textile industry.
• A future outlook.

Technological trends in the textiles industry.pdf
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Leaflet Technological trends in the textiles industry.pdf
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