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Technological trends in the machinery industry

The machinery industry has constituted a key pillar of the industrial revolution in the past and also currently. It is not just a target of digital developments but it is driving technological transformation of other industries itself. The machinery sector is characterised as a medium-to-high category in terms of technological intensity and as a knowledge-intensive industry. As presented in this report, it is mainly advanced manufacturing and robotics that has a large impact on the industry while it is a slow adopter of other digital technologies such as AI or AR/VR. 

The machinery sector has faced massive disruptions in its operations as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. But Covid created also an opportunity to push the machinery industry to test new digital-based solutions. This momentum should be kept in order to further modernise the industry. Digital transformation is critical now to safeguard market leadership.

This sectoral watch describes the industrial context of the sector, technological trends, venture capital investments and startup creation, the supply and demand of related skills and a future outlook with challenges and opportunities.

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