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Technological trends in the agri-food industry

The agri-food sector is composed of both agriculture & farming and food processing activities. In the face of global change, including demographic change and climate change, the challenge remains to deliver a sustainable food and agricultural production system. Advanced technologies are essential in enabling the agri-food industry to increase efficiency in production, while limiting the global impact of food production on the environment.

Through developments in precision agriculture and farming, as well as smart food processing, the agri-food industry is responding to these challenges with increased digitalisation and the uptake of advanced technologies. Changes in the agri-food industries are also driven by consumer demand for food safety, security, traceability and higher quality, and the value of food products.

The EU is an agricultural production leader and exporter of products, creating over 44 million jobs in the EU in the wider agri-food industry. The EU draws from strengths in technical and industrial skills, combined with networks of supporting stakeholders such as innovation intermediaries.

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