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Solid-state-lithium-ion-batteries for electric vehicles

Since the global demand for high-energy and high-power energy storage devices increased, lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries have emerged as the dominating energy storage solution for portable electronics and electric vehicles. With the objective of realising the green mobility transition and overcoming concerns about electric vehicles, e.g. with regards to their range, new technologies for lithium-ion-batteries are developed. Among these advanced battery technologies, is the solid-state-lithium-ion battery (SSB) as one of the most relevant approaches, promising greater security and performance.

The objectives of this report are to map out the value chain of solid-state-li-ion batteries and the key actors, provide an analysis of the EU’s competitive positioning therein, and indicate related challenges and opportunities. This report therewith aims, with an analytical and empirical approach, to provide relevant stakeholders a clear overview of the current and future landscape of this technology in the EU. Analyses were based on desk-research, patent analysis and expert interviews.

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