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The High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVMC) is the UK’s national initiative to increase the competitiveness and value added of its manufacturing industry. As the first and largest of eleven national catapults under the programme, the HVMC is composed of seven technology centres. Through the centres UK businesses have access to industrial scale technology to accelerate and de-risk new concepts to commercial reality.

Set up in 2011asapublic-private partnership, the HVMC is overseen by Innovate UK. A total of over €164 million is invested by the government over the period of 2012 –2018 to stimulate manufacturing, reduce the risk of innovation for new and established manufacturing businesses and attract international business.

As a remarkable strength, the government has been responsive to the needs of the HVMC by scaling up funds progressively. Recognising the importance and unique challenges posed, additional ring fenced funding has been allocated to help increase SME engagement from 1500 per year in 2013 to 2250 by 2020.

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