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The Digital Coalition was established in November 2016 at the 11th Slovenian Business Summit as a coordinating body with a view to effectively implement the strategy Digital Slovenia 2020 – A Strategy for the Development of Information Society by 2020 and other sector specific economic development strategies.

The Slovenian Digital Coalition brings together key stakeholders from trade, industry, research and development, civil society and the public sector. The Coalition serves as a coordinated and consultative non-discriminatory open forum with the objective to foster the development of the digital economy, the creation of digital jobs as well as the exploitation of opportunities closely linked to the development of ICT and the internet. The Coalition is established for the period until 2020.

The initiative started off with wide spread support from a range of different stakeholders as founding members of the Coalition. The Coalition is coordinated by three main governance bodies - the coordination board, three working groups and supported working groups, e.g. the Block ChainThinkThank.