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Responsible digital transformation – the bridge between digital and circular economy policies

European industry is facing technological, socio-political and climate change challenges. The transition to climate neutrality is the most urgent challenge of our times and calls for bold and courageous actions for and by industry. Digitalisation is the other key imperative, to remain competitive, creative and ensure Europe’s technological and strategic autonomy. To remain at the forefront of technological and social leadership, it is important to strengthen the connections among our digital and green policy objectives.

The objective of this analysis has been to revisit the question of how to create responsible digital transformation models by: 

• reviewing some of the most recent national Industry 4.0, digital and circular economy policies and instruments in the EU from an environmental/digital perspective and;
• bringing examples of policy initiatives where advanced and digital technologies are promoted to deliver solutions to pressing environmental problems and the climate crisis and promote good practices.

Policy brief Climate Digital.pdf
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Leaflet Green Policy objectives.pdf
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