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Impact of technological transformation on regional development

This report focuses on highlighting recent research findings about the impact of technological transformation on regional development and discusses the related policy implications by bringing examples of concrete policy measures. This topic is particularly relevant in a time when technological including digital and green transformation has accelerated, but at the same time the opportunities of regions to develop have profoundly changed.

In this context, the specific objectives of this analysis have been to:

  • Provide a snapshot of recent literature dealing with the impact of technological change on regional disparities and regional development.
  • Showcase policy measures from national and regional level addressing various challenges of regional technological development.
  • Explore any policy gaps in support of technological transformation and provide inspiration for policy action.

The report is made up of three parts. The first section identifies the key policy challenges. The second section analyses policy responses and policy measures at  national and regional levels. The third section lists a range of ideas for further policy consideration. 

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