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Hungary - IPAR 4.0 National Technology Platform

“I4.0 NTP” (Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform) is a national strategic initiative from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute for Computer Science and Control (MTA SZTAKI) and the Ministry for National Economy. The general objective of the platform is to boost manufacturing and industry transformation in Hungary in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The initiative is based on the “Irinyi Plan”, the recent strategy for re-industrialisation of Hungary of the Ministry for National Economy. Aiming to support the objectives of this strategy, I4.0 NTP was successfully launchedinthespringof2016.

There is no specific time frame set for the I4.0 NTP, however, the expected impact is to (1) prepare the industrial sector for, and adapt it to the requirements of I4.0 innovation, and (2) reinforce achievements in the global competitiveness of industry attained by the country.

According to industry stakeholders, the platform is an important element in improving the country´s readiness for digital transformation. To date, a comprehensive and coherent policy paper on the future prospects of I4.0 in Hungary represents the platform´s major achievement.

Forward-looking, I4.0 NTP aims to further increase its activities and pilot several I4.0 systems across the country.


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