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Advanced technology landscape and related policies in the United States of America

The objective of the international country reports is to explore the technology and policy landscape of selected non-European countries. Country performance in advanced technologies is presented based on patent, trade and investment data. This particular report is an update and extension of the US report published in 2020 and zooms into two technology ecosystems notably into Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology. The reason why these fields have been selected is that they represent technologies where the US is particularly strong and important lessons can be drawn for the EU. The analysis relies on the data collected within the ATI project complemented with expert opinion and desk research.

The report is structured as the following:

  • The first section outlines the overall performance of the US in terms of technology generation (patent applications), trade and venture capital data.
  • The second section dives into the field of Artificial Intelligence and the US ecosystem.
  • The third section presents the US nanotechnology ecosystem.
  • The last section analyses the COVID-19 impact and economic responses.
Advanced technology landscape and related policies in the USA.pdf
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International report USA.pdf
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