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Advanced Technologies for Industry

Recommendations for action to improve SMEs' access across Europe to Advanced Technology Centres

The adoption of Advanced Technologies by companies is seen as a prerequisite for the modernisation of the European industry and the lasting creation of growth and jobs in the EU. Many European firms do not yet have sufficient capacities to adopt Advanced Technologies as they lack know-how, human capital as well as organisational and managerial capacity. There is a need for a better Advanced Technologies ecosystem that supports the building of such capacities among SMEs.

This report presents the recommendations for action to improve SMEs' access across Europe to Advanced Technology centres. The recommendations presented in this report are based on the analysis of the information gathered through the following research avenues:

  • Data analysis of the technology centres identified within the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project.
  • Desk research on ongoing initiatives at EU, national and regional level concerning the access of SMEs to technology centres.
  • The feedback gathered in the workshop ’Moving from technology-based networks to value chain-based networks: how to improve the effectiveness of cross-border networks of ATI technology centres?’ that took place on 24 September 2020, organised within the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project.

This report presents an overview of the roles that technology centres (TC) play with regards to SMEs and the needs of these companies with respect to technology centres. Second, it presents a gap analysis of the available offer for SMEs in Europe. Finally, it presents a series of recommendations for action to improve SMEs´ access across Europe to Advanced Tecnology Centres.

Recommendations to improve SMEs' access to TCs.pdf
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