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Advanced Technologies for Industry

EU Report - Technological trends and policies

The objective of this EU report is to provide an overview about the performance of the EU27 in Advanced Technologies and to give a snapshot of the policy landscape supporting the production and uptake of Advanced Technologies at EU, national and regional levels. Country performance in Advanced Technologies is presented based on patent, trade and investment data.

The starting point of this analysis has been sixteen Advanced Technologies that are a priority for European industrial policy and that enable process, product and service innovation throughout the economy and hence foster industrial modernisation.

The report outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the EU27 in terms of technology generation and uptake across the sixteen Advanced Technologies. It also summarises the latest policy priorities and main policy initiatives in the EU27 with examples from the national and regional level in support of Advanced Technologies.

EU Report - Technological trends and policies.pdf
(2.39 MB - PDF)