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The Policy Briefs analyse national and regional policy measures focused on a specific policy challenge, technological area or mode of implementation and explore policy tools that have been designed and implemented with the aim of fostering the generation and uptake of advanced technologies. The reports provide a comparative analysis of some of the most relevant national and regional examples on the policy landscape in the EU. They highlight the lessons learnt based on existing policy evaluations, monitoring or any other learning process and will present both good practices and potentially the bad ones. In the case of novel policy initiatives, they focus on the key challenges in the design process.

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Industrial recovery and technology policy

This report focuses on a review and analysis of recent policy actions across EU Member States that address the industrial recovery through research, technology and innovation. The report begins by identifying the main drivers of industrial transformation before and after Covid-19.

Collaborative robots, human-AI systems and the role for policy

This report focuses on analysing the consequences of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics-based automation on industry and work, the related human-machine systems and human-computer interaction, and the need for policy to support a positive transition and mitigate the potential risks. Automa

Scaling up technology startups

Scaleups have been found to drive innovation and investment activities and are also key to foster the digital and green transitions of our times. Over half of the high-growth startups implement digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Big Data.

Cybersecurity: more investment and better skills

As digital transformation is accelerating around the world and an increasingly larger share of the interactions is hosted online, citizens, companies and governments are being more and more exposed to cyber threats and digital crimes.

The Netherlands - Smart Industry

The Smart Industry (SI) initiative was launched in November 2014 by the government and industry stakeholders. The objectives are to strengthen the Dutch manufacturing industry position and increase industrial productivity.

Slovenia: Slovenian Digital Coalition

The Digital Coalition was established in November 2016 at the 11th Slovenian Business Summit as a coordinating body with a view to effectively implement the strategy Digital Slovenia 2020 – A Strategy for the Development of Information Society by 2020 and other sector specific economic developmen