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The Technology Watch explores the futuristic, upcoming technologies that are on the horizon of technology development today and that are characterised by high speed of evolution and a significative disruptive potential. Advanced Technology Watch is addressed to policy-makers, enterprises (large and SMEs) and business intermediaries. It allows them to better assess the maturity of technologies, the potential market applications and the technical adaptation required to bring advanced technologies to the market.

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Scaling up technology startups

Scaleups have been found to drive innovation and investment activities and are also key to foster the digital and green transitions of our times. Over half of the high-growth startups implement digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Big Data.

Technological trends in the creative industries

Creative industries are crucial for the European economy. They employed 7.4 million people across the EU27 in 2019, which represented 3.7% of all employment. In 2017, there were 1.1 million cultural and creative enterprises in the EU27, generating €145 bn of value-added.

Technology Focus on Data sharing

This report focuses on the evolution of data sharing as the advanced technology fostering the digital transformation of Europe.

Technology Focus on Blockchain

As part of a series of analytical reports on advanced technologies’ trends, this report focuses on Blockchain as one of the key technologies that are currently bringing about impactful changes in Europe’s banking and finance sectors, as well as in other European industries.

Technological trends in the machinery industry

The machinery industry has constituted a key pillar of the industrial revolution in the past and also currently. It is not just a target of digital developments but it is driving technological transformation of other industries itself.

Flexible and printed electronics

Flexible electronics offers opportunities for various applications such as rollable, foldable displays, smart patches and smart packaging on paper and plastic substrates.