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Technology Watch – Technology Focus on Blockchain

In April 2021, the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project published its Technology Watch report “Technology Focus on Blockchain”. The report is part of a series of analytical reports on advanced technologies’ trends and specifically focuses on blockchain as one of the key technologies that currently bring about impactful changes in Europe’s banking and finance sectors, as well as in other European industries.

For a technology that has been around for over 10 years, blockchain has seen more than its fair share of irrational exuberance and unfair dismissal. The hype period between 2017 and 2018 convinced a large number of stakeholders that blockchain has the potential to address major global issues by tackling major problems that modern society is facing. When these predictions did not come to pass, many were quick to dismiss blockchain as a hype that did not succeed. Now that more research has been done on the subject, stakeholders can have a more balanced and accurate view of blockchain and its place in the ever-shifting technological landscape in Europe.

Additional Technology Watch reports include the Technology Focus on Artificial Intelligence and the Technology Focus on Cloud Computing. For more information on advanced technologies in Europe, explore the ATI project website.