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Study identifies top 50 life and biological sciences and technologies driving innovation in European bio-based sectors

In April 2021, the study “Life and Biological Sciences and Technologies as Engines for Bio-based Innovation” was published. The study aims to provide policymakers with data and possible future scenarios that will support them in implementing strategies that can drive bio-based innovation in Europe by 2030. This study was funded by the European Commission DG Research and Innovation, following the EU 2018 Bioeconomy Strategy and its Action Plan, and the studies “Carbon economy” and “EU biorefinery Outlook to 2030”.

Life and biological sciences and technologies have the potential to stimulate different research and innovation approaches in several applications and market segments. This will, in turn, contribute to addressing the current crucial economic, social, and environmental challenges.  To that end, the study identified novelties and technologies that are expected to drive innovation in the bio-based sectors in the coming decade. The identified technologies are expected to support several research and innovation sectors and improve citizens’ quality of life and make industrial production more sustainable.

For more information, visit the bio-based innovations website or watch the presentation video online.


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