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Product watch – Nano-enabled microsystems for bio analysis

In May 2021, the Advanced Technology for Industry (ATI) project published a Product Watch report titled “Nano-enabled microsystems for bio analysis”. The objective of this report is to get an overview of the EU nano-enabled microsystems for bio analysis industrial actors, their interactions in the value chain, and to identify their strengths and weaknesses by:

  1. Providing an overview of the industry;
  2. An in-depth analysis into the value chain structure, its key actors and the linkages between the various stakeholders;
  3. Relevant European stakeholders, along with their corresponding strengths and weaknesses in relation to global competition; 
  4. Outlook and the impact of COVID-19 on nano-enabled microsystems for bio analysis.

Recently, microfluidic technologies have been developing rapidly and there is growing recognition that integrated technologies can substitute a great variety of procedures that used to be manually handled in laboratories. One of the key developments is the Lab-on-a-chip (LOC). LOC technologies can reduce the costs of biochemical diagnostics procedures, resulting in interest from governments and industry.

Most of the microfluidic companies in Europe are located in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. The strengths of LOC technologies in the EU are in the strong scientific and technological basis. Furthermore, the EU based companies have favourable framework conditions and increasing demand. The risks include, but are not limited to, the rising complexity and high development costs.

Despite the potential of LOC technologies, they are not commonly used yet. Nevertheless, a considerable increase in the use of LOC technologies is expected in the future. This is because LOC technologies has several benefits. One example is that the technology can help in early detection of life-threatening diseases such as COVID-19.


The Product Watch reports analyse novel products that are based on advanced technologies for the development of goods and services - enhancing their overall commercial and social value. For more information about this report and other Product Watch reports written by the ATI project, consult the dedicated section on the ATI website.