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Advanced Technologies for Industry

PITCCH Open Innovation Network invites Technology Centres to join the PITCH Platform

PITCCH is the Pan-European Open Innovation Network where Technology centres act as intermediaries for big corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises. It aims to increase the competitiveness of European industries by building a Pan-European Open Innovation Network where Technology Centres act as intermediaries to facilitate the establishment of structured collaborations between big corporations as technology seekers with small and medium-sized enterprises as technology providers and this way accelerate the market uptake of advanced technologies through different sectors.

The project welcomes new Technology centres to join the PITCCH Network. Technology Centres are invited to participate in the challenge facilitation process. They can offer their services to SMEs to support future collaboration projects.

By joining the PITCCH Network Technology Centres will be able to: 

  • Broaden their professional network. Access a Pan-European Open Innovation Network
  • Gain insights on industry opportunities: get to know the latest Challenges of Big Corporations and understand their needs and have the chance to connect their expertise and infrastructure to industry needs.
  • Showcase their value. Propose their services to industry and SMEs.
  • Get engaged in an Open Innovation Collaboration. They can be selected by an SME and be involved in the collaboration with the Big Corporation to solve the Challenge.
  • Become a trustworthy partner for industry.

To register in the PITCCH Platform, Technology Centres shall comply with the following PITCCH criteria: they should actively provide services to industry and SMEs, be active in at least one of the advanced technologies for industry, have activities in TRL5, TRL6, TRL 7 or TRL 8 and have prior experience in providing brokerage services.

Registration page: