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Next step in virtual reality: a volumetric video conference over a 5G network

The 6th VRDays Europe, the European conference about Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality content, creativity and innovation, took place from 4 to 6 November 2020. During this event, the VRTogether project, funded by the European Commission as part of the Horizon2020 programme, showcased a live 3D video conference using point clouds over a commercial 5G network. The project coordinators presented a live demo to demonstrate the potential of such a platform for emergency healthcare services. The demo showed a volumetric (capturing a three-dimensional space) video conference call between a doctor in a medical examination room and a patient outside in the street. The objective of the project is to create photorealistic and truly virtual reality experiences.

To orchestrate this experience, the platform that had been developed by the project was used: an end-to-end pipeline to support volumetric video calls. The platform provides users with a real-time experience, supports the exploration of new forms of collaboration using volumetric video and includes an optimisation mechanism based on the context of interaction and human behaviour. The platform can be extended to customised technical components (such as capturing, compression, delivery, rendering) that support the specific type of interaction.

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