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Launch of

On 26 April, the Publication Office of the European Union launched the portal. The portal is a result of the European Data Portal and the European Open Data Portal merge and will act as a single access point for open data from Europe and its Member States.

Under the name, the project will continue its mission to support European countries in increasing their open data maturity, publishing open data, and promoting awareness of open data’s potential for re-use.

To better exploit the potential of open data and public sector information (PSI), the project is centred around:

  • Harvesting metadata of PSI available on public open data portals in European countries;
  • Fostering uptake on data supply, including through the support to the improvement of the (meta)data quality supply; and
  • Fostering the uptake of public sector information re-use across Europe.

The strategic goal of the project is to improve accessibility and increase the value of public sector information along the whole data value chain. Thus, the project will operate, maintain and further develop the portal, support Member States and European countries in the publication of data and increase awareness on the value and potential of public data resources.


The Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project focuses on the advanced technologies that will enable and help industries to successfully manage a shift towards a digitalised, low-carbon and knowledge-based economy. In this regard, the ATI website publishes policy briefs about national and regional policy measures focused on a specific policy challenge, technological area or mode of implementation and reports such as Technology Focus on Data Sharing that focuses on the evolution of data and data sharing as an advanced technology that fosters the digital transformation of Europe.