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Advanced Technologies for Industry

Generating competitive advantage and coping with societal challenges by purposefully applying advanced materials

In the course of its Horizon 2020 initiative and aiming at strengthening Europe’s global competitiveness, the European Commission emphasizes and supports the development of innovation endeavours in the field of advanced materials.

Production materials play a key role in industrial innovation. The development of materials which, on the basis of new knowledge, have broader functionality, higher performance and lead to a higher value add of corresponding products and services is therefore of central importance for the competitiveness of European industries. Additionally, advanced materials can be characterised by lower resource and energy consumption as well as by a more sustainable product lifecycle. Thus, deploying advanced materials also contributes to mastering societal key challenges such as lowering the global carbon footprint and recycling. Specifically, advanced materials are mostly used in the fields of thermal solutions and energy generation, battery and mobility solutions as well as chemical engineering and textile production.