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European Commission updates the EU Industrial Strategy

On 5 May 2021, the European Commission updated the EU Industrial Strategy. This update:

  • ensures that the EU’s industrial ambition takes full account of the new circumstances following the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • supports the transformation of EU industries to become more sustainable, digital, resilient and globally competitive;
  • re-affirms the priorities set in the March 2020 Communication (a coordinated economic response to the COVID-19 outbreak);
  • responds to the lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic to boost the EU’s recovery and enhance its open strategy autonomy;
  • proposes new measures to strengthen the resilience of the EU Single Market;
  • addresses the need to better understand the EU dependencies in key strategic areas and presents a toolbox to address them and
  • offers new measures to accelerate the green and digital transition.

Moreover, the updated Strategy responds to the call to identify and monitor the main indicators of competitiveness in the whole EU economy. This includes the single market integration, productivity growth, international competitiveness, public and private investment and Research & Development investment.

For more information, read the press release “Updating the 2020 Industrial Strategy: towards a stronger Single Market for Europe’s recovery”.

To learn more about EU strategic dependencies and capacities and how the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project results were used to present the EU performance in key technologies, read the Commission Staff Working Document on the Strategic dependencies and capacities.


The ATI project has been set up to promote the creation of a competitive European industry. By monitoring technological trends and up-to-date data on advanced technologies, the project aims to support the implementation of policies and initiatives. For more information, read more about the ATI project.